Monday, December 31, 2007

It Was Awesome!!

As I said in a previous post, this morning was the World Healing Meditation. I laid down for about an hour's nap, then got up to be in town at my Spiritual Centre slightly before 4am. I was surprised that only Bev & Alan were there. It's normal that not all that many people show up at these yearly meditations because of the time they are held (scroll down to read more about them and why they are at 4am), but Rev. Dale & Hannah are always there, but for some reason weren't there this time. Oh well, it was the perfect people there at the perfect time for the perfect experience.

I found, left out on the photo copier, a folder full of papers to do with World Healing Day. Digging through them, I found us each a copy of the World Healing Meditation, and 14 prayers for peace, each by a different religion/Spiritual belief.

We pulled out chairs into a circle so we could hold hands while I did an opening treatment (treatment is a specific form of prayer that we use in our church). Bev read aloud what Dr. Ernest Holmes had written about the World Healing meditation. Then we took turns, each reading in turn a peace prayer until all 14 of them had been read. Then we sang some songs: The Peace Chant, Peace Like A River, Take A Little Love. Then another treatment for peace, leading right into a silent meditation which was ended by another treatment for peace. By this time, it was getting close to 5am, time to read the World Healing Meditation. We each took turns reading, then for the last line we held hands again, and all said it together. The hour was ended with the singing of Let There Be Peace On Earth.

It was a very powerful hour, and as I drove over to the local Denny's restaurant to have breakfast with Bev & Al, I had this very strong feeling that life will somehow never be quite the same again. There was a special bonding between the 3 of us, as well as with God and all others in this world, especially those that were also praying/meditating for world peace at the same moment we were. Also, after a night with hundreds of millions of people praying for peace, the world can never be quite the same as it was before that hour began. The difference may be too subtle for most people to even notice, or it may be huge and all the world will know.... but either way, the world did change tonight, it is different than it was before that hour of prayer and meditation.

I am so blessed to have been a part of this world changing event.


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clairesgarden said...

I didn't know about the prayer for peace. but I wish for mine to be added on, slightly late but they should count too.
and I wish you many blessings for this coming year and do hope we meet up again sometime in the future, my new years resolution is to pay off that visa card!