Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Growth Opportunity

Having Don here is changing things in my life. Though he's living in the trailer, he spends a LOT of time sitting here drinking coffee and talking to me. I'm not used to living with anyone, or having anyone around here very much, so this is a big adjustment for me. When I said he could live in the trailer, I didn't realize that he would be in 'the big house' so much, or I may not have been quite so quick to offer. Oh well, this could be a blessing anyway. If I am ever to have a chance of living with someone else, ever to have a chance of having a husband, I need to learn to share my life more. I have to learn to say "talk only during commercials, not during my shows", or "I need to blog now, this means making money", or "I enjoy blogging and keeping in contact with my friends around the world, so I'm going to do that now". Even "get your own coffee, I don't have to wait on you or entertain you". This is a chance for me to learn and to grow, and I am grateful for it, even for, and maybe especially for, the more frustrating of times, for they are the ones that will show me the areas that need the most work.

In the meantime, I will often need to 'catch up' on things that don't get posted because I'm talking to Don, then too tired to type.

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Travis said...

Learning to share your space with someone is a tough challenge.