Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December 4

Ahhhh.... finally the 2 'back' days are caught up. Today I did some computer stuff then headed off to town for my Song Rehearsal with Hannah, our pianist. I also shut off my pellet stove before I left. The pellet stove needs to be shut off and cooled down once or twice a week, depending on how many bags of pellets you are burning and whether they are Fur or SPF (Spruce, Pine, Fur mix). Why? So you can clean all the ashes out of it. The SPF pellets do not heat as well as the Fur, and they don't burn as clean, so there are lots more ashes with the SPF. This is the first winter I've used any of the SPF and I've learned lots from it. They are a little cheaper, but in the long run do not save you money!! I won't be using SPF pellets again. Next year it's all Fur.

After working on songs for next Sunday, and ones we're learning for our Christmas Candlelight Service on December 21st, I went to the dog park for a walk with Reba. It was very nice, but with all the melting snow it was not easy walking and I find that hard on my body. The slipping and sliding can really bother my back. So after one time around the park, we left. I was running short on time anyway. Reba was not happy about leaving so soon. She refused at first, to come when I called, and ran back over to some other people and their dog. I called her again and finally she came, reluctantly. I took her collar and she tried to get away... I had to drag her a step or two before she finally gave in and walked with me. Thank God that big lug jumped up into the truck without fighting me on that. She's too big for me to pick up and put in there.

On the way home I stopped at Wal Mart to get some Niacin as I was told it helps to lower cholesterol and I am working on doing just that. While there I saw they had beautiful, big Poinsettias for only $4.97 each. I picked out 2, one for me and one for Mom. On the way to the till to pay for these 3 items, I see some Norfolk Island Pines that stand probably about 3' high, and only $12.97!!! That is SO cheap for such big plants!! Yup, I put back my Poinsettia and picked out a nice Norfolk Island Pine. Hey, I already got 2 small Poinsettias they other day, so it's not like I really need another one, even if it is soooo much nicer. I'll decorate the Norfolk for my Christmas tree, and after the season I'll still have a live and beautiful plant.

I then drove to the store on the way home and picked up some meat and bananas and such. Come home and cleaned my pellet stove, got it running again, added more pellets into the hopper... then ate a sandwich with some of the meat I'd bought and lettuce. I worked on the Sunday program for church, then it was time to go back to town to my class.

Class was great again this evening. Wow, what a powerful, life changing experience it all is. I really am enjoying this. Wendy has been sick so has lost a huge amount of weight, so she brought me 2 big bags of her old clothes to try on. I've been on the computer ever since I got home, writing emails and catching up here, so haven't had a chance to go through the bags yet and see what she has in there. Could be fun... early Christmas. :o)

See you tomorrow.... or 'later today' to be exact!

Got home at 10pm.

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Travis said...

Awwwww...hopefully you get a few better days for walking in the dog park.