Tuesday, November 27, 2007

November 26th

Lots happening today.... kinda, lol. Yesterday on Freecycle, someone asked for an old bathtub for watering a horse. I had 2 tubs out in my yard. I had bought them at the auction one day several years ago now. No one else wanted them, they were in really nice, like new shape, so I bought them for a dollar each. I planned to make them into fish ponds in my yard. That never did happen and I still thought a lot about it, but would it ever get done? Doubtful. So I gave them both to these people and they were very glad to get them. They came this morning and picked them up.

I picked a few things up from the yard... should have done that weeks ago. Noticed too that my hot water tap in the tub is running steady and won't shut off. Called Dan and told him, so he came over after work and had a look. He'll be back tomorrow to fix it for me. Great friend. He also brought me a 'new' cell phone. It was his buddy's cousin's phone and the one I've been using for about 3 years or more, Dan's old one, has a worn out battery so doesn't hold the charge for long. Now all I have to do is get it switched over. The 'new' one is now charging up. It came with a car charger too, by the way.

At the last Board Meeting of the Okanagan Centre for Positive Living, it was agreed that I would contact the Youth and Family Services and "get a family" for Christmas. I went there the other day and the lady I needed to talk to was not in, so I left my phone number. She called back today and told me of the families and teens living on their own that are in need of help. I ended up choosing a small family... Woman, her daughter, and the daughter's daughter. Now I will work on getting people to donate food and gifts for these people. I wish we had more people in our Centre as I would have loved to take a teen too. There are kids from 13 to 18 years of age trying to live on their own due to some kind of problems. How sad is that. I was talking to one of the cashiers at one place where I shop the other day, the store is across the lake from me. She wants to donate too, so I'm to call her once I know about the family and what they need, so now I can get back to her. I am thinking to about going to stores and such to ask for donations. I'll have to run that past the other board members though.

I practiced my speech a few times today and felt fairly confident with it. Can't remember now what else I did all day, lol, but it was suddenly time to be off to Toastmasters. When I went out the door "AHHHHHHHH" there was snow piling up in my yard. YUCK! Oh well. The highway was pretty bad so I got out and turned my hubs in, then drove to town in 4 wheel high range. Much safer as the truck doesn't slide around like it does in 2 wheel drive.

Hardly anyone showed up at Toastmasters tonight. It was really strange. Two of the gals had emailed late this afternoon saying they couldn't make it and why, but there were a lot that just didn't show up. You only have to let them know you won't be there if you are on the program, but even people that were didn't notify anyone. Must have something to do with the snow that they didn't show up, and unless they knew early enough to email or phone someone, there's no way they could later. Anyway..... tonight was a special "Speech Night" where some of the usual program is scratched to make room for 6 speeches. We usually have 3 speeches in an evening as well as a bunch of other 'stuff'.

The way it worked out tonight was 4 speeches, so we needed 4 evaluators. There were 7 club members present and 2 guests, lol. So I did the first speech, then I evaluated the third speaker. After the speeches and evaluations were done we had spare time, so had some Table Topics fun. That's when you give a 2 minute impromptu speech. I love doing that. Then the ribbons for the night were given out. You see, we always vote on Best Table Topics speaker... Best Speaker... and Best Evaluator. There was a tie for Best Speaker tonight so Mary and Maxine each got a ribbon. There was also a tie for Best Evaluator, so Seryl and I both got those ribbons. This is my first ribbon since I went back to Toastmasters. I won 3 ribbons in the year I was there before. 1 each for Table Topics, Speaker & Evaluator.

Some of us usually go out for coffee/tea at Tim Horton's afterwards, but no one was going tonight, so I drove home in the falling snow and had tea at home, along with a sandwich. I missed the first bit of October Road on TV, but watched the rest of it.

Well, I'm off to finish my nightly chores then off to bed.

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