Friday, November 23, 2007

November 22

Hi there.... welcome.

I was home for the morning and after I got up I wasn't feeling on top of the world and wasn't getting anything done. I knew I had to go out and wasn't feeling like I wanted to at all. I took some pain pills for arthritis and went back to bed for a short while - read a bit of Power Of Decision, then napped for about 25 minutes. Feeling better I was able to get myself ready to go. I loaded into the truck a bunch of stuff I wanted to take to the recycle depot on the way - 4 big plastic bags that my stove pellets come in, filled with rolled up and stuffed in there more of these bags. I've been 'collecting' them last year and this so far as I didn't know what to do with them, didn't want to throw them in the garbage. I also took a big dog food bag full of big dog food bags. It's nice to have them gone and to have an empty spot in the doorway between the living room and the loom room where the stove is.

I headed into town and went to the NOYFSS office, it's a Youth and Family Services place and my church wants to help a family in need again this Christmas, so I went to them to 'get' a family. The gal I need to talk to wasn't in, so I left my name and number so she can call me. Last year we collected food and gifts in a hamper, then Hannah went out and, on behalf of the Centre, bought more stuff that 'our' family could use. We will do the same this year.

I then drove to Kelowna to spend time with my friend Dave, the fellow I told you about before who is paralyzed from the ribs down, lost his legs this year, and is currently living in a care facility. We did up some paper work to get the use of a van from People In Motion. For a small fee ($25 per day), plus the cost of gas of course, we can use one of their wheel chair vans to transport him on pre-arranged dates. We both have to be members of People In Motion for a $10 fee each, and had to sign wavers and such, and will have to for each and every time we get the van. You see, he asked if I would be his driver, and I agreed to do so. I can't imagine having to live like he currently does, and if something ever happened that I did get into that I would hope someone would be good enough to do this for me too. He's only 55, living amongst a bunch of sick old people. Anyway, he wants to go visit his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson over the holidays. This means, if he can get the van these dates, I'll drive almost an hour south to pick him up, and leave my truck there while we have the van (he's going to see if I can put the truck in a secured lot) then drive him north to about 25 minutes north of where I live. He'll stay with his family for the three days. I will spend Christmas Eve, or at least part of if, with Mom, then drive back to my place. Christmas day I'll drive back up there to spend the day with Mom and other family that will be around there... probably dinner at my sister M's. I'll also transport Dave if he needs it that day. I'll drive back home that night again. The next day I will drive back up and pick Dave up again, drive the hour and a half or so south to drop him and the van off and pick my truck up for the hours drive back north to my place. I won't have a hope in you know where of getting up my driveway in that van as it takes a 4 wheel drive to do this hill of mine, so not sure yet just how that will work. I used to manage the hill in 2 wheel drives before I got the 4x4, but it's just so dangerous and I don't want to risk someone else's vehicle. With all that driving on winter roads, I sure hope it's not too snowy. In my truck it's not so bad as I can drive in 4 wheel high, and I don't know how well this van will handle. But, I used to drive a van and don't remember worrying about it then, though when younger it seems we don't worry about as much as we do when older. So enough of that silliness, all will be fine - though other people in this kind of situation might want to have term life insurance.

Back to today. It was after 8pm when I left and drove back up here. When I got into town I went to Cyndi's. She's the gal I got the free travel trailer from. It was abandoned on her sister's farm summer of 2006, so they gave it away over Freecycle. I've met Cyndi a few times previously through Freecycle 'pick ups' both ways, lol. So tonight I went there to pick up the bill of sale she'd had her sister write out for me. This way I can try to get registration papers for the trailer so I can actually use it next summer. I'm not even going to lift a finger to do any work on it until I have it registered in my name. It needs a good cleaning and some minor repairs, including windows that are broken. I had tea and a nice visit with Cyndi and it was minutes before midnight when I left and came home. Reba and Shadow were very happy to see me, as I think the other critters seemed to be too.

One day, since I cleaned out the corner of the living room that I told you about before, I decided to take the sewing machine off that little table and put my lap top computer on it. I've always just sat on the reclining love seat and use the computer on my lap. Now I have a special chair that Cyndi gave me, but I don't know what it's called, just know I've wanted one for a long time and have one now. It's good for your back. Anyway, now I sit in this corner and work on the computer, surrounded by caged critters. To the left is 3 cages, housing 4 chinchillas, to the right is 2 cages housing 1 more chinchilla and the rabbit. On the table next to me is a cage housing one budgie bird. Often at my side, snoozing on the floor, is Reba, but right now she's across the room sleeping by the TV and the other cage with 2 budgies in it. I like this new set up, though Shadow preferred it when I was on the love seat - it's more 'cat friendly'. I'll try to remember tomorrow to take a photo of this chair and post it.

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