Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wonderful Happenings

Yesterday I was sitting on my couch, "playing" on my computer and I heard a car drive into my yard, door close, someone walk past the window, knock on the door. Ahhh, I didn't want to get out from under the laptop, but hey, had to do it. At the door was a fellow I'd been friends with some time ago and had at one point gotten very fed up with him so told him (in no uncertain terms) to stay away. Time passes and tempers cool, so it was nice to see him again. He's an older, married man who I'd met through my friend Graig. David is a painter, a play write, a poet, a very creative soul who is also bi-polar and tends to not take his meds. He is very manic just now, so rather challenging to be around in some ways.

After a short visit here, we drove out to Enderby to a little cafe with wireless internet, so of course I took my laptop. At one time our group of friends did poetry readings in this cafe once a week. The reason for going there this time was to meet up with Graig and his friend Camille, as well as Liz. It was wonderful to once again be amongst highly intelligent, creative, artsy people. I've been really missing that kind of thing, so it was an awesome evening.

I shared with them my photos that I've been considering for competition. I was given opinions and reasons for them from the eyes of artists (painters and photographer). Not only did I totally enjoy the process, but I came out with most of the choices made. One Botanical, Two Pictoral/Scenic.... but 5 Animal and I only can use 3, so I have to make the final cuts on these myself... sigh. Graig thinks many of my photos should be make into greeting cards, used in advertising and such like that. Even the employees of the cafe were enjoying looking at my photos and put in their opinions on many of them. They close at 9pm, but let us stay for as long as we wanted which was somewhere around 10 by the time we finished with this photo choosing process.

David had left for home before this and Graig gave me a ride home... we dropped Camille off at his place on the way. We sat out in his car talking for ages and about all sorts of interesting things until almost midnight. I have to make a point of spending more time with these people. I need this on many levels.

I will be posting the final decisions on my photo blog sometime today, so be sure check it out. For now I must go do some homework on the "Energy of Money" course I'm taking.


Skittles said...

I wanted to invite you to join in next Tuesday with Heads Or Tails. :) This is only the second week for it, but it's going strong!

Details are on my right sidebar.

I Was Born2Cree8 said...

Thank you, Barb. I'll check it out.

Jamie said...

I'm looking forward to the final choices. You are so talented and the contest experience should be fun.

I Was Born2Cree8 said...

Jamie - thank you so much for the high compliment!! It is now up and waiting for you. I hope you leave me a comment over there :o)

Travis said...

Sounds like a great evening. Isn't it odd how we don't realize how much we miss something until we suddenly begin doing it again?