Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Laugh 7

Another installment from Chapter 3 of "Life's Greatest Lessons" by Hal Urban. If you are just here for the first time and would like to start reading from the beginning, you will find it all at my label Good For A Laugh. This is part of my commitment to post every day of September about Laughing and it's gifts to us:

Edison and Einstein

Thomas Edison and Albert Einswtein aren't exactly the first two names that come to mind when we think about humor and play. but the fact is that both of them attributed their success in the serious part of life to knowing the importance of the less-serious parts. Both discovered early that to work too hard or to think too intently for an extended period does more harm than good. That's why people need breaks on the job and why students are advised to take study breaks. The mind gets overly stressed when it's subjected to seriousness for too long. Humor and play break the tension.

The stories about Edison's capacity to work long hours and endure thousands of frustrations are almost legendary. What's not as well known are his methods for sustaining himself while working on his famous scientific breakthroughs. Edison kept a cot in hes laboratory. He took frequent pauses on it because he know that only wehn the mind is in a restful state does it work most creatively. Edison also descovered that humor put his mind at ease. In equations, he filled several others with nothing but jokes. He found that comic relief was valuable for both him and his staff. He used it as a tension breaker and as a morale builder. He said later that people who laugh together can work longer and harder together, and with more effectiveness.

To be continued....

Today I stayed home all day... even this evening which was the first meeting for my Toastmasters club after having the summer months off. I wasn't feeling well this afternoon, so laid down and went to sleep. By the time I woke up it was too late to go, and yes, I did feel much better for having had the sleep. This evening I did manage to get a few things done around here. I moved DW into the living room again, giving her a different cage. I need her larger one for the two new young male Cockatiels and DW isn't locked in her cage all the time, in fact spends most of the time free, just sitting on her cage or even choosing to move around the room to some degree. You would be amazed at how well they (birds) can climb. I washed a bunch of buckets I picked up recently that had honey in them, will use these for many different things. Washed dishes, soaking the bottom of DW's larger cage to clean it for the 'tiel boys. Few other little things too. Not a lot but at least I did something. I spend too much time lately playing Solitaire and MahJong on the computer and now solving Sudoku puzzles.

I am grateful for:
- the fact that I actually did a bit of work around here today.
- I have been keeping the living room clean where I cleaned it the other day.
- Reba. She tends to demand attention, lol. She makes it impossible for me to type on here until I give her enough attention and petting.
- DW. she is so cute and makes me laugh at some of her antics and the way she says "Pretty Bird".
- Bubba (one of the new 'tiel boys) actually got onto my finger when I put my hand into the cage all 4 are currently in, then onto my shoulder for a short time. He flew away, but when I went to where he landed he again got onto my finger, onto my shoulder, and let me carry him back and put him into the cage again. This is a bird I was told was not tame, just used to being near people. When she took them from the big cage & put them into my travel cages, she used a net and wore a glove so she wouldn't get bitten. I am grateful Bubba is tamer than I was led to believe. I think the others might turn out to be too and will find that out soon enough.
- I am grateful for the internet and that I have a connection to it.
- I am grateful that the new TV season will soon be upon us. :o)

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