Sunday, September 06, 2009

Laugh 5

Installment #5 from Chapter 3 of "Life's Greatest Lessons" by Hal Urban. If you are just here for the first time and would like to start reading from the beginning, you will find it all at my label Good For A Laugh. This is part of my commitment to post every day of September about Laughing and it's gifts to us:

Some Examples of Everyday Madness

I had a lot of fun preparing to write this chapter. I read everything I could find on the psychology and benefits of humor and play, and then started reminiscing about things that some of my crazy friends do that make them so endearing. I was having so much fun thinking and laughing about them, I had a hard time getting started with the actual writing. Here are a few examples of intelligent people who have learned the important survival skill of practicing a little madness now and then.

Tim Hansel, mentioned in Chapter 1, is a Stanford graduate and the author of six books. He's philosophical, spiritual, adventurous, and deep. He's also a bit off the wall. When he gets to feeling down, he resorts to his perennial spirit lifter: He yells out the Superman call. You know, the one that goes, "Look, it's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's Superman! Up, up, and away!" Now, that may not sound funny to you. But I need to add one more bit of information: Tim yells it backward! This is the way it comes out: "Kool, s'ti a dirb! On, s'ti a enalp! On, s'ti namrepus! Pu, pu, dna yawa!" Try doing that without laughing. Stupid? Yes, very stupid. But also very funny. I heard him speak to a group of businessmen a few years ago. He asked the how much fun they were having in their lives. He also asked them how much fun they were for other people to be with. Then he asked them if they could do the Superman call backward. They looked at him puzzled, so he said it once forward, and then yelled it backward. These heavy hitters of the business world laughed so hard it took him about five minutes to resume his speech.

To be continued....

Today I got an email for my cousin Deneen & it was very funny. It had pictures of animals in strange positions or with odd looks on their faces. I had a really great laugh. I wanted to post some of them here but this computer won't let me save them like the old computer did, and copy/paste just doesn't work for that. I'll see what I can do later, maybe send it to myself in another of my email accounts and open it on the HP laptop instead of this Acer and I should then be able to save/upload then here for you to see. I'll give it a try tho not tonight.

Dan came over for a visit and took some photos of me for my Facebook. We had some laughs doing that. I wasn't real crazy about most of the photos though was able to crop a few back and get something okay for Facebook profile.

These are not supposed to be funny, but if you find them so, please feel free to laugh... you won't hurt my feelings (I can't hear you!)

Bubba, one of my new birds, got out of the cage today. I'm not sure if that one small door wasn't closed properly, or if he managed to open it anyway, which would be very difficult. These birds are used to being in a cage in a living room so are used to having people near, though they are not tame, do not let you touch them. I knew I'd have to wait until night time to have a chance to catch him, after he went to sleep if he chose to do so low enough for me to reach him. I went about my day without worrying about it. While sitting in my chair on the computer & doing sudoku puzzles in a book, and watching movies, Bubba flew over & landed on my head a few different times, as well as some times on the back of my chair. He also ate a bit of cheese popcorn out of my fingers. I was fairly impressed that he felt able to do this with me, and I've only had these birds for 2 days. I plan to hand tame them and think that if Bubba is an example, it will not be all that hard to do. This all gave me "warm fuzzies" which is just as good as laughing.

Today I solved my very first Sudoku puzzle... then 5 more. Now that I know how to do them I'm actually able to. Not that I'm saying I can do the hard ones yet, but will work up to them.

I am grateful for a quiet day at home.
I am grateful I Bubba seems to feel relatively safe here and with me
I am grateful I was able to catch Bubba this eve & get him back safely into the cage. (Hope I didn't make him hate me when I threw the t-shirt over him and grabbed him, wrapping him in it.)
I am grateful for all of you who read my posts.
I am grateful for all the happiness that comes my way.
I am grateful for my bed... nite nite.


Quilly said...

Amoeba and I love our silliness and wouldn't go a day without it!

Finding Pam said...

Alice, I love the last photo of you. You look cute there. I enjoyed your Bubba story and especially your greatful list.

Happy Labour Day.

Anonymous said...

Great photos of you my friend. :)