Monday, June 15, 2009

Manic Monday

The word this week, Mo tells us on Manic Monday homepage, is:

If I had one of those nice camcorders I could show you what my days are like. You would get to see where I shower at home, and where I shower at the Rec. Center pool. Yesterday you would have seen a small rain shower with lots of clouds and thunder. You would not be seeing me in the shower, nor would you see a wedding shower or a baby shower as I've not been to either in quite some time. Oh, another thing you would see is how people shower each other with love at my Spiritual Centre, the smiles, hugs, kind/wonderful/supportive words all are so powerful & healing.

Happy Manic Monday to you all.


Anonymous said...

Great Manic showered us with some good insights :)

quilly said...

I woke to the sound of a rain shower this morning. Heavenly. I just cuddled in bed and listened to the music on the roof.

Travis Cody said...

It's a post full of showers!

Happy MM!

Durward Discussion said...


Do the birdies like to shower in a bird bath and the puppy like to play in a sprinkler?

quilly said...

I know I commented on this. Didn't I? Now I am confused.

For further confusion -- you have been tagged at my place. Fell free to ignore the tag if you wish. I will not be offended.