Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bridging The Gap - Day 3

Hello, and welcome to Day 2 of me hosting my first Photo Challenge.
This Photo Challenge is BRIDGING THE GAP.
The idea is to post photos you’ve taken, or you are in, showing a bridge. Tell us something about the bridge, and/or what was happening when you took the photo. Of course, link back here, and leave a message, as well as a link on Mr. Linky, so we can all come have a look at what you've left for us.

This bridge is actually in someone's yard. Through Freecycle, I went there to pick up some stuff they were giving away. What an incredible yard!!! I'd totally LOVE to live there, even set up for horses though the current owners don't have any. I sure would if I had the place for them.

Please check out my
Heads or Tails
if you are BRIDGING THE GAP.
You'll see why, lol.

IF you are Bridging The Gap, leave your link with Mr. Linky to insure that we all can come check out your bridge. If you are or are not, still leave a comment. :o)
Enjoy your Tuesday!!


Gattina said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my "creative photography" !
you wouldn't believe it I FOUND BRIDGES !! Before falling asleep I suddenly knew where I could find some, lol ! So today it's my first and second bridge ! Your bridge is again lovely, very romantic !

Anonymous said...

Oh! Pretty! Wouldn't Reba love to live there?

Anonymous said...

Woooo HOOOOO!!! Glad to hear you found bridges and are now BRIDGING THE GAP with us. Always fun to have you along.

Quilly - guaranteed!!! Her and I both. In fact, I don`t think any one of my critters would complain. haha.

Minkydo said...

That sounds like a neat place to live. I would like to have a bridge in my drive as long as I didn't have to worry about flooding.

Mine's up early today :)

Carver said...

That's a lovely bridge and even nice for being in someone's yard. Must be an idyllic place to live.

Anonymous said...

How cool is that. That would be a fantastic piece of property to own..
I went across the pond for the photo challenge today.

Unknown said...

Bridging the gap goes VERY well with the Talk theme, it is through communication that we bridge many gaps, and what a beautiful backyard with the bridge. Mine is up at The Cafe.

Melli said...

Beauuuutiful! Imagine having a place set up for horses and not having one! How DARE they?

Amber Star said...

Wow...I just found this today and finally got a picture of a bridge up.
I was wracking my brain wondering if I had one at all when I saw Melli's and that tripped the levers to remember where mine were. :)

I love the bridge pictures you have up!

Amber Star said...

oops...I took the bridge picture of the challenge before I read your disclaimer about not taking anything from your site.

Carletta said...

This is a lovely bridge and lovely landscape! A great find.
I am enjoying your meme very much.

juliana said...

this really looks very nice!

Mojo said...

I'd love to live there myself! What a great space.

- Mojo

maryt/theteach said...

Such a lovely bridge, Alice! Thanks for hosting this fun meme! :)

Dr.John said...

Now that's the kind of bridge I like.

Anonymous said...

Its really very nice and interesting post. Keep it up

Jientje said...

It's a fabulous garden and a beautiful bridge Alice!

MaR said...

I agree with Dr John!!

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Minkydo – It’s just a small creek, and a fair ways from the house, so I don’t think they have a flooding issue there. Maybe I’ll post some other photos of that yard, lol.

Carver – The entire yard is gorgeous, Carver. I’d call the place Heaven… though it would be lots of work to keep it up. Knowing me, I’d periodically turn the horse loose in the yard to eat the lawn down. Seems silly to mow it if you have a horse to eat it, and living there I would, haha.

Ellen - This place is only about a 10 minute drive from town too, so that’s a bonus. Across the pond is good, haha.

Sassy Mama Bear – It would appear that you were looking for Heads or Tails and mistook this for it… you needed to scroll down just a few more inches to find HoT. Glad you liked the bridge here. Come on back any time.

Melli – Ya, I know!!! Weird, if you ask me…. can’t figure out people like that, all that land and those beautiful corrals going to waste. I think they should trade me straight across and I could have a horse there, rofl.

Amber Star - Welcome!!! Isn’t it great the way our memories can be triggered like that!! Sometimes I think of my memory like a room full of file cabinets, and there’s a little guy in there that has to run from cabinet to cabinet to retrieve the memories I want/need at any time. Sometimes he can’t find where they are filed away, but he often keeps working on it until at some time down the road he finds the lost one, haha. Part of the room is dark and full of dust and cobwebs while part of it is clean and well lighted… the old and the new. I’m glad you like my bridge photos.

Amber Star – No problem… not to worry. That one you can take and use all you like. Thanks for caring!!

Carletta – Thanks for your comment and compliment. I’m glad you are enjoying the challenge, and that you are taking part in it each day. Keep up the great work!!

Juliana – Thank you.

Mojo – Thanks much. Welcome to my blog.

Teach – Thanks, Mary… and you are very welcome!!

Dr. John – Thank you. I like this kind too. When I was in their yard I just ‘had’ to take photos of it.

Cricket Rules – Thank you, thank you…. I will. :o)

Jientje – Thanks. I so wish it was mine… and that I had a gardener to keep it looking like it is now, with possibly a few wee additions, lol.

Mar – so do I, haha.