Friday, May 02, 2008

Alphabet Photo Challenge - - B

This Alphabet Photo Challenge originated at Quilly's Pacific Paradise, and runs for the first 26 days of May. Each day you post photos that you took, that have to do with that days letter. I am catching up so am doing some back to back right now, then will do one a day.

I was given all these red bricks. It took me 3 trips to get them all home. A lot of work, and I know once I build my patio I'll love it.

What the pile looked like after the first trip.

My pile of bricks now. Around the bottom of the pile is a lot of mortar I knocked off the bricks. There are still some bricks that need to be 'cleaned', and I'll do that as I move the bricks into the back yard.

Beanie Baby Bears!!!
Yup, I used to collect Beanie Babies. I've gotten rid of some, and still have some. I'm moving them from the china cabinet into a Box and into my closet. I want the china cabinet for my tea pot collection.



Anonymous said...

Will the patio be finished by the time we get to P? I want a picture.

Minkydo said...

Ahhh, hauling bricks. I have done that. Hope you enjoy your new patio when it's done :)