Thursday, October 01, 2009

Melli's September Photo Challenge

The miraculous Melli came up with the idea of a photo challenge for us to play along with during the month of September. She gave us a list of 30 items to photograph, then post to our blogs on October 1.... that's today. (Yes, it is still today in my part of the world, though getting near tomorrow now). So, here are my 30:

1 - Something in flight
It almost got away on me.

2 - A gas pump

3 - Graffiti.... or street art
It is not uncommon to see graffiti around here, though when I went looking for it I saw none. However, we do have many beautiful murals painted on various buildings around our small city. Here is one of them.

4 - Soap or soapy
A shelf full of Goat Milk soap in the bulk food/health food store I shop in.

5 - An herb
... or 4. The same store as above with the soap.

6 - Something vinyl
My wonderful chair. I'm sitting in it right now as I do every evening and most mornings. I was given this chair over Freecycle this summer and now am sooooo enjoying it. You see, it's an electric chair! :^ ) Well, a massage chair complete with heat, so I am sitting her being vibrated and warmed and absolutely loving it.

7 - A bottle of perfume/cologne
I often wear essential oil rather than perfume. It is nice smelling, has many health benefits, and so many people are allergic to perfumes/colognes that it is no longer a good idea to wear those.

8 - Snazzy shoes
Found at a really cool 'treasure' store in the next town to the north of here. As soon as I told the gal that I was taking part in a photo challenge, she was checking out the list and doing what she could to find me things to photograph.

9 - A worm
I was going to take a photo of a real worm, I bought a bag to take fishing one day. Didn't catch any fish and didn't get the photo taken. Eventually I took this one of the bin of gummi worms at the bulk/health food store.

10 - City bus
At the mall picking people up to take them downtown.

11 - Something curly
Branches of the Curly Willow.

12 - A key
My keys hanging on a wooden key at the 'treasure' store.

13 - Something cold
Wow, this water was sO cold!! I know because I had to sit in it. Yup, doing a spiritual cleansing with a native shaman friend of mine on September 14 this year. We have very different beliefs spiritually, though I enjoy doing things with him. This was a very interesting afternoon. He had me sit right in a small pool near where he is standing in this photo, then lean back into the falling water. It was COLD!!

14 - Sports memorabilia
I think the young gal at Boston Pizza may have thought me very odd when I went in and asked permission to take photos of their sports memorabilia. She asked her superior then told me it would be okay.

15 - A feather/feathers
Before my dip in the very cold water, Chief White Buffalo Man Many Feathers had to cleans the area. This is done by 'smudging', using a special herbal blend that is burned, in this case in a shell, using a feather to move the smoke around. When finished cleansing the area, he put his smudging items down and I was able to photograph them while he played his drum and sang.

16 - Something twisted
I thought of showing a rope, a braid, something like that, though being one who enjoys being 'unique' I decided to color outside the lines a bit here and show you how my sense of humor can sometimes be a little bit twisted.

17 - A hole
My truck needs a bit of body work :^ ( Oh well, I love 'him' anyway.

18 - A leprechaun
I went to Kelly O'Bryan's restaurant for this one.

19 - Something lacy
Silver Lace Vine. This is one single plant that grows up the side of one of my sheds... and a long way up the roof as well. It's incredibly big for just one plant. I've cut it right down many times and it still comes back beautifully. I'd like to move it one day to be able to grow up something that is larger... like my house.

20 - Something nutty
A bin of mixed nuts at the bulk food store... now that's nutty my friends.

21 - Sheet music
... and a wee drum to make it more interesting. Found at a thrift store some friends & I frequent.

22 - A Splash
Not a wonderful photo (dogs just don't seem to cooperate) but gotta love that splash.

23 - An apple - apples - apple something
How about a sign? Apple Valley Dental Clinic. It even has an apple tree on it. Amazing what one sees when driving down a street.

24 - A shovel
Went to Surplus Herbie's knowing they'd have a shovel display out front. I figured it would make a more interesting photo than one of my shovels.

25 - Something empty
A lower shelf at that same favored thrift shop.

26 - A triangle
Again, from the 'treasure' store.

27 - Something purple
And another find in the 'treasure' store.

28 - JuicyWhat is more juicy than Juicy Fruit gum?

19 - Noisy
I am fortunate in that my birds are not at all bad for noise. That being said, there are times (oh brother, are there times). This is Paco, male Indian Ringneck Parrot, and when he wants to he can be very, and I mean VERY noisy. Even then, he is quiet compared to some of the larger birds. Here is is grooming himself. He tends to over groom and destroys tail & wing feathers.

30 - Something sad
Cute isn't it. So why did I choose this for my something sad? Because I believe everything, everyone is perfect, there is perfection even in our differences and in our 'mistakes'. We are all God's creations. We are all perfect!! I think it's sad that so many people judge themselves and others as being unworthy, imperfect, 'less than'.

At Melli's blog you will find her post as well as links to others who participated in this fun challenge. Now... to find the next challenge. :^ )


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Alice this is just wonderful. I love your something cold and the something noisy I can so just here that. Your splash was something else and the hole...excellent. You did a great job. I loved this and your's is terrific :) Aloha xoxoxox

Rhonda said...

Great job on all the pics but I have to tell you I am laughing really hard right now after looking at your spin on the "twisted" mouse....that one was great.
Take care.

quilly said...

Great post, Alice. I hung on every photo. Very nicely done and not like any of the others I've seen. Not that my current net connection is letting me do much.

Melli said...

Oh my goodness -- I knew I was going to be late getting here - but WHERE are the others???

My brother used to work in an ESSO station -- AFTER it was a Sinclair station... I haven't seen either one of those for ages! I thought they had both been bought out by EXXON! LOL!

I LOVE your street art! That is wonderful! And what a GREAT vinyl! And better yet cuz it was FREE! Whooo! Those ARE some snazzy shoes too - love 'em!

I don't think I've EVER seen a curly willow - and now I want to! Those branches are awesome! And I just LOVE your story that goes with your COLD! I knOw that water IS cold! I can't believe you DID it! Did HE do it too? Or did he just set it up for you?

Paco is beautiful - even when noisy - and a little over groomed!

Thanks for playing Alice!

Always Faith said...

great shots! loved the twisted and just your unique take on all the shots...great work! said...

Hi Alice,

I like your pictures, it's all original and unique especially the Something Sad..Keep it up..