Monday, April 20, 2009

*** I Am Grateful ***

Today, Monday, I wanted to go to the pool for Aqua Therapy, or even Water Walking, and had to skip it as I was too busy. I was writing a speech to present at Toastmasters tomorrow evening... cutting it way too close as it is, so had to get it done. I still need to practice it as I only got it practiced once today. After I finished writing the speech and reading it to myself a couple times, I was off to Hannah's to rehearse the song we will do together at Pasta Productions on Friday. We had a really fun time, it's been great doing this rehearsing together again, though it's just for this one song, not an ongoing thing.

From there, I checked out some bathing suits and didn't care for any of them. While doing this, I was texting Wendy. She met Reba & I at the dog park, bringing her dog Steel along. We had a really nice walk, Carol C. and her dog Eddy joined us about half way through. Wendy & Carol went for coffee after, and I had to skip as Dan was coming over to return my wheelbarrow. On the way home I stopped at the store across the lake from my place and got some veggies and apples.

Dan didn't stay long, though while he was here, my friend Len came by. Len had told me he could get a bunch of baseboard from where he's working (construction) so he brought me samples today so I could pick which one I want. He'll bring me enough to do my entire home, and even up at the ceiling in part of it. This will save me hundreds of dollars while putting a really nice finish to the flooring job.

Since Dan left, I have been enjoying watching TV as well as blogging. I really should be practicing/rehearsing my speech for tomorrow night, and in fact will go do that very soon... and get a piece of Cinnamon Raising toast... mmm. A rare treat.

- I am grateful I have my speech written.
- I am grateful for the time spent with Hannah, and for the fun we had together.
- I am grateful to have gone for a nice walk with Reba & friends today.
- I am grateful for the nice weather we had for our walk.
- I am grateful for time with friends.
- I am grateful I got some reading done for The Passion Test class.
- I am grateful to have seen a beautiful tree in bloom today.
- I am grateful to have my wheelbarrow back again.
- I am grateful I met my newest neighbor last night (forgot to mention that).
- I am grateful for Len living in his travel trailer in my yard.
- I am grateful for all the baseboard Len is bringing to me for my home.
- I am grateful to Dan for the work he's promised to do putting the baseboard on.
- I am grateful to be fixing my home up, bit by bit.
- I am grateful to have all my animals around me.
- I am grateful for my TV.
- I am grateful for Satellite and Cable bringing me a good choice of programs to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Great Monday I'm grateful...

CrAzY Working Mom said...

The weather here is supposed to be nice all week!!! I'm super excited. I think I'll take the kiddos to the park this afternoon for some photo opps. :)