Thursday, March 26, 2009

Three Word Thursday

This week's words are:
bacchante, queachy, & jibber
What do they mean? Just click on the ones in the story below to go to their definitions. To visit Quilly (the inventor of this meme) and other participants, click on the above 'name of the game'.

It was such a beautiful day as she drove down the highway, enjoying the sunshine and the tunes emanating from the stereo. Coming through a town she noticed people out working in their yards... here a woman sweeping her sidewalk, there a man washing his car, a bit further, a woman sweeping off the deck. "Sure signs of spring," she thought to herself. She had been thinking the same as she drove along, noticing oh so many bits of evidence that the snow was melting away. Fields with the snow melted away from the edges, replaced by small ponds where the water congregated, unable to dissipate into still frozen ground... small creeks running across the road here and there... lawns laying bare. Ah, yes, life was good, and spring was definitely here.

She felt so good about life now, so good about herself. Not that she'd ever seen herself as a bacchante type, but had at one time thought herself unlovable, unworthy of good. At one time, if forced to be in a crowd, she would feel the earth become queachy beneath her feet, then she would start to jibber uncontrollably, then she would run for the hills. Now, it was so much different. She laughed thinking about her life then and now, as she drove down the road. She had tried many different jobs, from being a maid to selling farmhouse sinks, and she so loved the career she had finally come to in her life... a professional motivational speaker was right up her alley.

The Week Eight words will be: propinquity; susurrus; nescience


Anonymous said...

Pretty good story for someone pressed for time!

Anonymous said...

Good story Alice. Short sweet and to the point :)

Nessa said...

Very nice. Change is good.

Cherie said...

So glad that she was able to turn her life around. Gives hope to the rest of us! :)