Thursday, March 05, 2009

Three Word Thursday

Quilly has started a fun new challenge for those of us that like to write. What is it about? We are given 3 rarely used, or old, outdated words to find the meanings for and then use in a story. Not only is it fun to write to this challenge, but also to visit other bloggers who have written to it too, and read their stories.

Here the three words for this week... they have links leading to their definitions:
apanthropinization, paucity , zither

Joan was into fairly regular apanthropinization, finding the need to leave civilization behind her as much as is possible at this time on earth, and head off into the mountains. Her heart ached with the want of bygone days when people could move off into other parts of the world where a paucity of people had ever been before. Now days, there is no place on Earth where no person has ever been before, and few places that had not succumbed to over population, and to over use and abuse by man kind. She could not 'fork a horse' and head out for parts unknown, yet she could hop into her 4 wheel drive Jeep and drive off into the mountains where not too terribly many people had yet been to, leaving their garbage behind.

Before she left 'civilization', and headed off into the wilds of the nearby mountains, she packed a lunch, including extra food 'just in case', knowing that you never know what could happen out in nature. She placed the food into the back of her Jeep, then carefully placed her zither in beside the food. Next, she called her dog who came running out to jump happily into the vehicle where he would ride on the passenger seat, close to his human.

"Hi Betty," she spoke into her cell phone, to her best friend, "Just calling to let you know I'm off to the mountain again."

After listening for a moment, she spoke again, "yes, up to the same area as last weekend, though I plan to go past the lake I was at last time and see what else there is up some of those roads that go higher up the mountain." She always told her friend where she was going, and when she planned to be back. This was a safety thing, just in case something unexpected happened. Though her heart yearned for times past, she still enjoyed and appreciated the modern conveniences of the present day in which she lives, and she knew the inteligence of playing it safe. She had had some pretty close calls in the past and had no plans to get herself in trouble.

Glancing at her new Glashutte watch, she shifted the Jeep into gear and pulled out of her driveway, leaving behind her Monday to Friday life and driving into her Saturday and Sunday life, into her "real" life.

The Week Five words will be: hitonious; teterrimous & mellifluous

Now, if you enjoyed my story, you can click on the link above to cruise on over to Quilly's blog and read her story as well as find links to other participants.



Anonymous said...

Great story, Alice -- and you got it in 2 hours and 45 minutes under the wire, Hawaii standard time! I'll put your link up on the site. Look how many people played this week!

Melli "played" in the comments. Don't forget to check that out, too.

The Superfluous Blogger said...

I find her use of the Glashutte wonderfully ironic.
But then, I've only been up a few minutes and frequently get stuff wrong.

Sigh, I'd like to go away to the mountain escape myself.

Nice TWT!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story Alice. I thoroughly enjoyed it. What a great real life.

Nessa said...

Very good use of the words. I like the way you captured a longing for "simpler" times and our unwillingness to give up today's "perks."

Dr.John said...

Welcome to Quilly's words. You did a great job here but then I knew you would. What was a surprise was the advertisement buried in the story. I thought it was a new word describing a watch.

juliana said...

great story - we all need some peace and quiet from time to time.

bettygram said...

I want to join Joan on the trip. I love to go down roads I have never been on before, just to see what is there.

Raven said...

Well done! I have to go look up Glashutte...