Thursday, February 12, 2009

Three Word Thursday

Three Word Thursday #1

Quilly has started a fun new challenge for those of us that like to write. What is it about? Well, I'll let Quilly tell you in her own words: So, are you game for another game? This one will really test your metal. Every Thursday I will give you three words, which you then have to use to create a story. You have anytime until the following Thursday to post your story on your own blog, and come back here to let us know you’ve posted. (Just leave your comment, I’ll take care of the links.)

Sound too easy? Well, there is one little catch. There’s a good chance the words I choose, aren’t going to be words you are familiar with. You may just need to look them up.

This week’s words:

  • cynicocratical
  • isangelous
  • volgivagant

"When people mistrust government, our leaders become cynicocratical." Susan read from the newspaper story as she took a drink of her tea, washing down the last bite of her lunch. She had enjoyed the tuna fish on whole grain bread, with a generous slice of cheddar cheese and a green salad. "Well, the way the government treats the volgivagant, it's no wonder we come to mistrust them. While people in this country eat out of dumpsters and live under bridges and such, the government leaders live in mansions and eat nothing but the most expensive of foods, prepared by private chefs, and we are supposed to think they're the greatest thing since sliced bread? Fat chance!!" she said to her cat as she cleared off the table and set a small bowl of milk on the floor. Fluffy ran to lap up her wonderful treat, caring not at all about what her human was talking about. "Now, Fluffy, take you. If you were a government official this country would be better run than it has been for many years, by the money grabbing polititans. As the cat rubbed against Susan's legs, the young woman sighed, "Oh Fluffy, you are isangelous! I do so love you." Picking up her purse and keys, Susan told her feline friend, "Well my pretty, I must run now. Have to get back to the store. Lunch time is over. See you after work."

Okay, I'll be nice and tell you what the words mean so the story will make more sence... I hope, lol.
  • cynicocratical - pertaining to rule by cynics
  • isangelous - equal to the angels
  • volgivagant - Of or pertaining to the uneducated masses; the "little people"
Now, after you leave me a message, you can go over to Quilly's and see who else is playing along, as well as read her post using these words. You can even join in with the fun of Three Word Thursday.

The next story is due on: February 19th, 2009

The 3 words:

  • fracas
  • numismatics
  • perspicacious


Anonymous said...

Alice, while you were at my place reading about Harvey, I was here reading this! Very good! I will add your link.

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Gee, Quilly, isn't that kind of like getting together for tea and a visit?

Nessa said...

I vote for Fluffy.