Thursday, November 13, 2008

Praying For Peace

Day 13

United We Stand

“You find me one thousand people in the world who know what Religious Science is and use it, and live it as it is, and I'll myself live to see a new world, a new heaven and a new earth here.”
~Dr. Ernest Holmes

There is One Mind: The Mind of God. Each person is a point of God-Awareness within the Infinite Mind of God.

The worldwide Movement of Seekers and revealers of Truth” is an ever-widening circle of love. “In God each lives and moves and has their being, through each God finds expression.”

All humanity stands united in the desire for peace and harmony. All people are impelled to action from a consciousness of Oneness and Love.

Undaunted by the spectacle of human error I am confident that nothing can dim the Light of God’s Love appearing as our collective human experience.

The Loving Presence of God is now projecting Itself as a ground swell of enlightened actions, bearing fruit with good to all concerned. Each person within the human family is in action as an “Emissary of Love, an Ambassador of Peace and an Instrument of Healing”. Collaboration and cooperation, friendship and love attain unprecedented heights. We see unveiled before our very eyes the evidence of the age of enlightenment: A human race awakened to its Spiritual Magnificence, united in a common cause: the progress of the human race.

I give thanks that it is so,

And so it is

Rev. Sonia Davidson

Staff Minister

Temple of Light Centre for Spiritual Living,

4-6 Fairway Avenue, Kingston 10, Kingston, , Jamaica, West Indies
Phone: (876) 927-6145

Submitted by Rev. John Scott


Dr.John said...

If only it were so.

Mimi Lenox said...

Wonderfully written.