Sunday, November 02, 2008

NoBloPoMo - Peace In My Heart

I am finally beginning to really feel and respond to the Peace in my heart. I truly am!! Today, I was visiting with a guy I know, Art, and he was going on and on, complaining about everything, as he sooooo often does. Can you guess why, although I like him in many ways and see the good in him, I choose to not spend as much time with him as I could? Anyway, I'm sitting there only half listening, trying to think of how to not take on any of his "stuff". I know that with the Law of Attraction, when you complain you attract to yourself more to complain about. Even if you commiserate with the complainer, agreeing with them, you are attracting more to yourself to complain about, or at least more people into your life who complain and pull you down. Do I want that? NOPE! So, I'm going through my mind thinking about this stuff and about how to deal with this without saying something to him that he won't understand anyway (about what he's attracting into his life, etc), or that will offend him, or.... well, I'm sure you get the point. Then I thought about the Peace in my heart, about how I want Peace in my life. Then I mentally reached into my heart and touched the Peace that is there. I felt the feelings of Peace and of Joy welling up inside me, filling my heart and transferring to my face in the form of a smile on my lips that I'm sure also expressed through my eyes.

Yup, this work I've been doing is actually working out, it's actually taking form in my life in a most wonderful way. I just took a moment to go within and feel that Peace and Love again and it feels... ahhhh, beyond wonderful. I know that the more I feel these feelings, the more they will grow in my life and the more I will attract Peaceful & Loving experiences in my life. The Peace & the Love in my heart are growing, and will grow bigger and bigger.

Now, the big BIG challenge will be spending time with my siblings, especially my oldest sister while still being able to reach within my self, within my heart, and find/feel that wonderful Peace & Love, regardless of how I'm treated, of what is said or not said to me. I know that even if I fail with this, the next time I may not as I will and do continue to do the work and continue to grow.

I embrase the Peace in my heart, & I rejoice.

When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.
-- Peace Pilgrim --

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Anonymous said...

My sisters some times say the most unbelievable things. When I first met OC online, one of my sisters FORBID me to meet him in person. I was 47 years old at the time.

I have learned that my sisters love me. They just express their love differently than I do, and that is okay. I hope you can reach such a place.