Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Compassion is Love in Deed

Day 12

Ernest Holmes
Founder, Science of Mind

January 21, 1887 - April 7, 1960

Compassion is Love in Deed

"My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and truth." - 1 John 3:18

Humanity and Divinity will be identical when we recognize Divinity in Humanity. We must learn to see through the apparent, to judge not according to appearances, to realize that at the center of every person's soul God is enthroned. Compassion and caring are the ties that bind us together in mutual understanding and in the unified attempt to uncover the Divinity in each other. Compassion is the most gentle of all human virtues, for it is the outpouring of the Divine givingness through all.

When the members of a community love one another that community is solid, prosperous, and happy. Nations are bound together by common interests and common affections. When the whole world realizes this truth, it will unite in thought and in action. Love alone can solve the world's problems and bring about the day of universal peace.

You and I have certain people upon whom we lavish a great deal of affection. This is both natural and desirable. But would we like these few any less if we increased our love to include all humanity? Too often we are afraid of letting go of the little good we think we hold in our hand lest we lose it, not realizing that only as we release this good can we expect its increase.

Suppose we make a daily habit of feeling that we like people and they like us; we belong to them and they belong to us. In a very real sense, everyone we meet is a part of our own family, to love and to enjoy. Let's, then, meditate daily on this thought: "My desire is that everyone I meet will feel the warmth and color of my affection. My purpose is that a feeling of goodwill shall passs from me to others. Today I embrace the world in this affection and desire so that good shall come to everyone."

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I love that Scripture.