Saturday, August 23, 2008


I so much enjoyed Melli's Dragon Hunt, and Quilly's Reflect This. They have been such fun and really bridged the gap between many of us around the world.

With both of them over, what's a girl to do? Okay, so I could do house work, yard work, my volunteer work at the Okanagan Centre for Positive Living, get ready to present a speech at Toastmasters on our first night back, September 8th... and on and on. But that's not what I have in mind here, haha.

I AM HOSTING (hostessing?, lol) MY VERY FIRST PHOTO CHALLENGE starting tomorrow (Sunday to Saturday, one week, same as the last two were)!! I will set it to auto post at 12:00am MY TIME, haha. That is Pacific Time (GMT - 7:00). This Photo Challenge is BRIDGING THE GAP. The idea is to post photos you’ve taken, or you are in, showing a bridge. Tell us something about the bridge, and/or what was happening when you took it.

Being fairly new to this Photo Challenge thing, I hope no one else has done bridges before. If they have, I guess it will be a bigger challenge for some to get new bridge photos, haha.

I hope to see you all


The bridge in the photo at the top is off the internet. It is the Bronx Whitestone!

Type: Suspension
Location: New York, USA
Date of Completion: 1939
Span: 2,300 feet
Other info: Stiffening trusses were added in the mid 1940s, following the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows bridge.


Anonymous said...

I'm in!

I took your "stamp" for my posts, is that okay?

peppylady (Dora) said...

I'll try real hard to post some bridge pictures during the week put I know I won't post one every day of the week.

Your Okanagan Centre For Postive Living would be something I would be interested in going to if I live there.
Sounds like some what of the Gardenia Center which I attend.

Anonymous said...

Whoof!! Hey, Mom, I tried out yur Mr. Linky and he works. You did do it right after all... arf, arf, arf.

So you think you kin find enough bridge piktures to post fur ME and YOU too? Could be a challenge to do this one twice, there's not all that many bridges around here. BARK!

Anonymous said...

Quilly - I'm glad you're in!!!! And it totally good that you copied the stamp for using on your blog posts.

Peppylady - it will be great to have you playing along, even if not every day. Just leave your link/comment here when you do play so others know to come by and check it out. It's nice to hear that your spiritual centre is similar to mine. If you lived here we would be very happy to welcome you among us. I'm a member of the Board, the Membership Chairman... as well as doing several other volunteer jobs there.

Reba - I don't know how I will manage it... but I'll give it a real good try. You just be a good dog... no heckling your Mom.

Melli said...

Of COURSE Quilly's IN - good grief... the woman lives on an ISLAND - she's surrounded by bridges! I don't know if I'll be able to do a DAILY on this one... but I'll do what I can!

Anonymous said...

Uh, Melli -- there are no bridges that could possibly reach to this island from anywhere else, and I actually have very few prospects open to me. I am going to have to be VERY creative.

Jientje said...

Oh yes, count me in please!!
I do Weekly Winners on Sundays, but I will include a bridge for you, is that okay?