Monday, March 08, 2010

A Gift of Kindness

Further to my last post about the hope I have been given regarding Reba, I want to tell you about the gift I was given. It's not a personalized gift, though a gift none the less.

In my experience of late, the veterinarians are not in the business because they care about animals. They are in the business because they love the big bucks they get paid by people who love their animals. Vets will not even look at your animal unless and until they are sure you will in fact be paying the bill in full and they will make sure it is a large bill. It now costs very nearly $75 just to have the vet take a look at your animal, then tests and treatment on top of that, costing hundreds and thousands of dollars.

On Friday, I took Reba to Carol, as I told you below. She did not charge me one red cent. She did the muscle testing, put on the oil, granted only a few drops were in that Q-tip, but still... she also gave me a bottle of Colloidal Silver that she had made herself... and she gave me a "dog lover to dog lover" hug. She did not even charge for the Silver. All Carol asked is that I let her know how it works out. She truly wants to help heal my dog.

To me, this is a wonderful gift. A gift of kindness and love to & for the dog I love.

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Anonymous said...

Vets ate really no worse that any other doctor. It's all about money. That being said I still would take my animal to a vet to get that looked out. I hope what you are doing works. I really do that was a nice gift for you. :)