Monday, January 25, 2010

What Is Above Your Bed?????


Just for the fun of it, I decided to throw a new game out for every one. Seems we haven't played anything lately, or at least nothing I've heard of. So...

- Post a photo(s) of what is above your bed.
- Tell us about it.
- Of course, put a link back to I Was Born2Cree8.
- Let all your friends know to come play.
- Post these 'rules'
- Post a comment on my post when you put your post up
so I can add links to every blog that is playing along.

... I think that about covers it.

This is what is above my bed. I made this beaded dream catcher some years ago now. I saw a drawing in a book & copied it, putting it on black leather, then beaded it with seed beads. I cut the leather in the shape of a heart which is also the shape of the beaded Bald Headed Eagle, also cut a second leather heart & glued it to the back of the first to hide threaded back. I punched holes into the leather. I took a metal hoop & covered it with strips of leather wrapped around and around it. I used the fake sinew to weave the dream catcher which also catches the hearth trough the small holes in the leather. Native friends had given me the feathers, picked up off the ground in the woods. I hung them & heart shaped pony beads on strips of leather, the one in the center bottom is braided sinew holding the pony beads.

I entered this into the Interior Provincial Exhibition that year and won... forget if it was 1st or 2nd, think maybe 2nd.
Click on the photos if you would like to see a larger view.

Have a wonderful day.

Thanks to all who play along... and to those who just leave a comment.

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CrAzY Working Mom said...

My kids have dream catchers above their bed. They love them. :)

Anonymous said...

Alice that is beautiful. You are very talented. I took this literally and did what is above my bed LOL. You can find it HERE. Glad you did this. Was fun :)

Gattina said...

There is only one painting from me over my bed, nothing else, lol ! I have already seen "dream catchers" but I didn't know what it was now I know, yours looks real nice !

Jim said...

Very pretty, Alice.
I did it literally, this ( What's over Jim's bed? ) is what is over my bed. And it scares me to death!

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Crazy - that's cool... take some pics, post, come back and let me know they're up... I'll put a link to them here.

Thom - Thanks. Yes, you did take it very literally didn't you, LOL. I'll be more specific next time. Glad you enjoyed it. I'll see what else I can think of in near future.

Gattina - I'd love to see... take a photo & post it, then let me know it's up!!

Jim - Thanks. Haha, yes you & Thom are very literal. Thanks for playing along!!

Melli said...

Lovely dream catcher Alice! My kids made some of them when they were small... they were fun.

My post is up!

Dr.John said...

I don't have the time right now. I am trying to figure out how to handle spam. Spam! You know comments from people who want you to do something but don't bother to comment on the content of your blog. I find that so rude.

SANDY said...

Haven't taken a photo, and am needing to get ready for company; but...above my bed nothing but the ceiling. Behind my bed...maybe that counts is an artificial plant/tree in need of dusting. lol


Erica@ send large files said...

I have a dream weaver above my bed as well. I use to have a lot a nightmares, and my mom felt it might help and it actually does. They may not be the best dreams all the time but certainly no nightmares.

StorageCraft said...

That picture is very nice. It caught my attention at once. I wish i could have the same one in my bedroom. I would pay anything for it.

quilly said...

I thought I commented here the first time I read this! Dream catchers are lovely. I love the different legends of how they came to be -- especially since they honor spiders!

receive large files said...

This is a really nice blog. It was fun reading the comments. I am nt posting a photograph as i don't have one. I have a beautiful scenery above my bed and can't tell what is in it... as it may break some of the rules

Pre Schools in Gurgaon said...

Really nice thing on the above of your bed. i also saw this..

MessageForce said...

I felt very much amused after going through your post i too love my bed a lot and which is accompanied with my dreams. I love dreaming but dreams only about those things which i am capable of achieving.

Shawn mitchell said...

The picture displayed is actually very nice. It looks like a master piece as i know the level of creativity it requires to produce pictures like this.

Anonymous said...

The best hearts are always the bravest.